31+Board and Batten Kitchen Island Makeover

Why indeed, I do in certainty have a kitchen. On the off chance that you read my blog regularly or take a gander at any of my home visits, photos of my kitchen are constantly missing. Why? My kitchen is the one room in my home that I don’t care for and I can’t change. Actually, I can transform it, yet the spot my better half has put his foot down. Furthermore, honestly, I am frightened to hell to paint the cupboards. They are delightful knotty birch cupboards, just not my taste. They never have been. I despised them since the day I moved in. My significant other has adored them more than anything. In this way, better believe it. The kitchen isn’t my top pick.

In the event that you recollect from my board and secure post (click here), I wound up having a real estate professional come in and reveal to me a couple of things I should refresh about my home. Likewise, I swung a couple of thoughts past her to check whether they were justified, despite all the trouble or would destroy the worth. Something was my kitchen. She promptly said paint the cupboards. That’s right. Be that as it may, not white. No. Dim, charcoal dark. I scrutinized her considering my dark ledges and she said it would look fine. She’s likewise an inside planner. Along these lines, I should confide in her. However, it’s by and by not my taste. She instructed me to paint the island the shade based on my personal preference and choose from that point for the cupboards, which I would do already…just required that push 🙂

I had plans years prior on the most proficient method to change my island. I had really repurchased some trim for it path in the day, just never did it. In this way, with the thought in my mind, I at long last approached doing it. Furthermore, prepare to have your mind blown. The paint didn’t contact the wood. Not a chance. I really did this when my significant other was working late one night so he wouldn’t oddity out on me 🙂 You know, requesting pardoning is constantly simpler than requesting authorization type thing. Be that as it may, just on the off chance that he demanded expelling it, I ensured I didn’t paint the wood.

All in all, for what reason do I abhor my kitchen to such an extent? It genuinely resembled a peach bomb exploded. My cupboards coordinate my tile and at one point they all coordinated my dividers. It doesn’t get much light in here contrasted with different pieces of my home, so it’s dull and …well, peachy 🙂 Be that as it may, peachy bad, not a decent glad way 🙂

Along these lines, I chose to light up it up. I began with the island to perceive how I loved it, and if that didn’t scratch the tingle, I’d do the cabinets….maybe 🙂 Along these lines, here’s the manner by which I took my island from dreary to delightful!